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Estimating/Engineering Salary Grades

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Estimating/Engineering Salary GradesEstimating/Engineering Job Descriptions

Position/Salary Grade
Estimating/Engineering – Level 1 Works under close supervision, performing the routine aspects of estimating assignments requiring knowledge of basic principles of estimating. Education/Experience: Entry level for a BS or MS graduate. Typical Titles: Associate Estimator, Estimator and Estimator I.
Estimating/Engineering – Level 2 Under general supervision, performs estimating engineering of less complex assignment. With additional experience within one specialty, the individual is expected to assist in the preparation of larger and more complex estimates. Education/Experience: Minimum of 2 years of experience. Typical Titles: Estimator, Estimator I and Estimator II.
Estimating/Engineering – Level 3 This is the journey person level of estimating. Works under minimal supervision, and may provide some technical guidance to less experienced estimating personnel. Education/Experience: Minimum of 4 years of experience in estimating. Typical Titles: Estimator, Estimator II and Estimator III.
Estimating/Engineering – Level 4 This is normally referred to as a lead position and is the first level that includes responsibility for technical direction over a group of Estimating Engineers, or includes an individual who functions as a technical specialist formulating and developing advanced estimating engineering concepts. This person is not a department head nor the Chief Estimator, but may supervise some Junior Estimators. Education/Experience: Minimum of 10 years of experience in estimating. Typical Titles: Senior Estimator and Senior Project Estimator.

Estimating/Engineering Salary Grades
Other Estimating/Engineering Job Titles

Position/Salary Grade Title
Estimating/Engineering – Level 1 Assistant Cost Planner, Associate Estimator, Engineer-Estimator, Estimator, Estimator 1, Estimator I, Jr. Est, Preconstruction Assistant, Project Cost Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, Assistant Estimator, Cost Engineering, Disc Estimator I, Est/Cost Analyst, Estimating Engineer, Estimating Professional 1
Estimating/Engineering – Level 2 Assistant Estimating Engineer, Construction Manager, Cost Engineering, Cost Planner, Disc Estimator II, Electrical Estimator, Engineer, Design I, Estimating Engineer, Estimating Manager, Estimating Professional 2, Estimator, Estimator – Jr, Cost Planner II, Engineer-Estimator, Estimator I, Estimator II, Estimator III, Manager – Preconstruction Services, Preconstruction Manager
Estimating/Engineering – Level 3 Assistant Preconstruction Manager, Engineer, Design II, Engineer-Estimator, Estimating Engineer, Estimating Engineer – SPD, Estimator, Estimator (Supv.), Estimator II, Estimator III, Lead Estimator, Manager – Estimating, Manager – Preconstruction Services, Chief Estimator, Cost Engineering, CRE Staff Estimator, Disc Estimator III, Estimating Manager, Estimating Professional 3
Estimating/Engineering – Level 4 Asst. Chief Est., Chief Cost Planner, Chief Estimating Engineer, Chief Estimator, Director – Estimating, Electrical Preconstruction Manager, Engineer, Design III, Estimating Engineer, Estimating Engineer – SPD, Estimating Executive, Estimating Manager, Assistant Chief Estimator, Chief Est./Cost Analyst, Cost Engineering, CRE Sr Estimator