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Estimating Engineer Salary Grades

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Estimating Salary GradesEstimating Job Descriptions

Position/Salary Grade
Estimating – Level 1 Under close supervision, performs routine estimating requiring knowledge of basic estimating principles. Education/Experience: Entry level for a BS or MS graduate. Typical Titles: Estimating Professional 1, Estimating Analyst, Estimator 1, Associate Estimator
Estimating – Level 2 Performs more complex estimating assignments under general supervision. With additional experience within one specialty, assist in larger and more complex estimating assignments. Education/Experience: Minimum 2 years of experience in estimating with a BS or MS degree. Typical Titles: Estimating Professional 2, Associate Estimator, Estimator 2, Estimator, Senior Estimator 2
Estimating – Level 3 Journey-level estimators below Level 4. Performs all aspects of estimating with minimal supervision. May provide technical guidance to less-experienced estimating personnel. Education/Experience: Minimum 4 years of experience in estimating with a BS or MS degree. Typical Titles: Estimator 3, Senior Estimator, Estimating Professional 3, Estimator 1
Estimating – Level 4 Lead estimators who technically direct a group of estimators and technical specialists formulating and developing advanced estimating concepts. Education/Experience: Minimum 10 years of experience in estimating with a BS or MS degree. Typical Titles: Estimator 4, Principal Estimator, Estimating Professional 4, Lead Estimator, Senior Project Estimator, Supervising Estimator 2
Estimating – Level 5 Administrative, supervisory and technical specialists above Level 4 not including chief estimators and department managers (who have sole responsibility for estimating in the operating unit). Typical Titles: Estimating Professional 5, Senior Estimator, Chief Estimator, Principal Estimator Manager, Estimator 3
Estimating – Level 6 Chief estimators and department managers responsible for estimating only. Sets policy and procedures. Directs strategic and tactical work force staffing and budgeting, and establishes and maintains technical estimating standards. Typical Titles: Estimating Professional 6, Principal Estimator, Estimator 5, Senior Supervising Estimator, Estimating Manager

Estimating Salary Grades
Other Estimating Job Titles

Position/Salary Grade Title
Estimating – Level 1 Jr. Estimator, Pre-construction Engineer, Estimator I, Estimator, Assistant Pre-construction Manager, Assistant Estimator
Estimating – Level 2 Estimator, Estimator Assistant, Estimator I, Estimator II, Project Estimator
Estimating – Level 3 Estimator II, Senior Estimator, Pre-construction Manager, Masonry Estimator, Estimator III, Estimator, Estimating Manager, Lead Estimator
Estimating – Level 4 VP/Business Development/Estimating, Estimator III, VP Conceptual Estimator, Estimator, Chief Estimator, Pre-construction Manager, Estimating Manager, Senior Pre-construction Manager, Senior Estimator