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Project Superintendent Salary Grades

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Project Superintendent Salary GradesProject Superintendent Job Descriptions

Position/Salary Grade
Project Superintendent – Level 1 This is the first supervisory level above Foreman or General Foreman. May either exercise direct supervision over laborers/craft worker, or be responsible for directing an assigned segment of a project within one or more crafts through a ‘local hire’ General Foreman or Foreman. Education/Experience: Minimum of 5 years of experience as a Foreman or General Foreman of a single craft. Typical Titles: Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, Unit/Area Superintendent and Craft Superintendent.
Project Superintendent – Level 2 This level position will function as a second line supervisor having responsibility over several Level 1 Superintendents within one or more crafts; a second line supervisor having multi-craft responsibility within designated areas; or on small projects, serves as the Senior Construction Supervisor. Education/Experience: Minimum of 8 years of experience. Typical Titles: Superintendent, Senior Construction Superintendent and Project Superintendent.
Project Superintendent – Level 3 This level is the top construction supervision level (but not Project Manager) in the field. This level is responsible for organization, work methods, scheduling, cost control, conformity with drawings and specification, workmanship, and assignment of work to accomplish economic and expeditious execution of the work. Education/Experience: Minimum of 10 years of experience. Typical Titles: General Superintendent, Senior Superintendent, Project Superintendent and Senior Project Superintendent.

Project Superintendent Salary Grades
Other Project Superintendent Job Titles

Position/Salary Grade Title
Project Superintendent – Level 1 Tier III Superintendent, Superintendent II, Superintendent, Level II, G2, Field Engineer, Assistant Superintendent I, Assistant Superintendent, Assistant Project Superintendent, Superintendent I, Area Superintendent, Construction Manager, Craft Superintendent, Engineer, Field Superintendent, General Superintendent, Job Superintendent, Mechl/Elect Superintendent, Preconstruction Mgr, Project Assistant Superintendent, Area Manager, Area Operations Manager, Area Supervisor, Civil Assistant Superintendent, Const Tank Supv I, Construction Coordinator
Project Superintendent – Level 2 Area Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Construction Manager, Craft Superintendent, Drywall Superintendent, General Superintendent, Job Superintendent, Mechl/Elect Superintendent, MEP Superintendent, Project Assistant Superintendent, Building, Superintendent, Civil, Superintendent, Const Civil Supv II, Const Elect Supv II, Const Piping Supv III, Const Tank Supv II, Construction Supervisor, Superintendent II, Concrete Superintendent, Tier II Superintendent, Superintendent III, Superintendent I, Senior Superintendent, Project Superintendent, Level II, Field Supervisor, Assistant Superintendent/Construction Superintendent
Project Superintendent – Level 3 Construction Executive, Construction Manager, Craft Superintendent, Gen Supt & Proj Supt, General Superintendent, Group Superintendent, Job Superintendent, Mechanical Superintendent, Proj Construction Mgr, Project Manager, Project Superintendent, Construction Superintendent, Senior Area Concrete Superintendent Field Superintendent, G4, Manager of Concrete Services, Superintendent, Superintendent II, Superintendent III, Tier I Superintendent, Area Manager, Const Civil Supv III, Const Elect Supv III, Const Mech Supv III, Constr Superintendent,Gen, Construction Coordinator Supervisor