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Safety Engineering Salary Grades

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Safety Engineering Salary GradesSafety Engineering Job Descriptions

Position/Salary Grade
Safety Engineering – Level 1 Under general supervision, conducts safety audits and inspections, evaluates and ensures improvements for job site safety. Usually assigned to a large project or several smaller projects. Education/Experience: Minimum of 3 years of significant safety experience and a safety or insurance degree. Typical Titles: Safety Engineer, Safety Supervisor, Safety Coordinator and Assistant Safety Manager.
Safety Engineering – Level 2 Experience could have been in construction and could be a former Superintendent who has moved into the Safety Engineering job family. Usually assigned to one mega-project. Education/Experience: Minimum of 10 years of significant safety experience and a safety or insurance degree. Typical Titles: include Project Safety Manager, Safety Supervisor, Senior Safety Supervisor and Safety Engineer II.
Safety Engineering – Level 3 Working under general supervision, conducts and documents comprehensive safety audits and procedures. Maintains accident and insurance records as required by OSHA, and provides functional advice and/or training to less experienced Safety Engineers. Education/Experience: Minimum of 5 years of significant safety experience and a safety or insurance degree. Typical Titles: Regional Safety Manager, Area Safety Manager, Division Safety Manager and District Safety Supervisor.

Safety Engineering Salary Grades
Other Safety Engineering Job Titles

Position/Salary Grade Title
Safety Engineering – Level 1 Safety, Safety Supervisor, Safety Manager, Safety Engineer, Safety Administrator, Field Safety Specialist, Environmental Engineer, Safety Assurance Specialist, Area Safety Representative, Assist Project Safety Manager, EHS Coordinator, Health & Safety Professional 2, HSE Coordinator, HSE Supervisor, Loss Prevention Coordinator, LSIP Site Safety Manager, Project EH&S Representative, Project EHS Coordinator, Manager, Safety I, Project EH&S Representative, Project Safety Coordinator, Project Safety Manager, Safety Apprentice, Safety Coordinator
Safety Engineering – Level 2 Safety Administrator, Environmental Safety Engineer, Project Safety Manager, Safety, Safety Supervisor, Safety Manager, Area Safety Manager, EHS Manager, Eng Safety (Mid), Field Environmental Technician, Loss Prevention Mgr, Manager – Site Safety, Project EH&S Audit Manager, Project EH&S Manager, Project Safety Roamer, Safety Coordinator, Assistant Safety Manager, Health & Safety Mgr 2, Health & Safety Professional 5, HSE Supervisor
Safety Engineering – Level 3 Safety, Corp. Safety Manager, Director of Safety, HSE Manager, Safety Administrator, Safety Director, Safety Engineer, Safety Manager, Safety Officer, Safety Specialist, Safety/Risk Manager, Senior Safety Manager, Environmental Safety Engineer, Area Safety Manager, Dir QA/QC Safety, Division Safety Coordinator, EH&S Operations Manager, EHS Director, EHS Manager, Health & Safety Manager 1, Loss Prevention Director, Manager, District Safety, Division Regnl Safety, Project Safety Manager, Manager