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What if I discover that I made a mistake after I have uploaded data?

Simply download a new template and resubmit with the correct data. For minor corrections, you can call us at (602) 772-3415. We will review the information each time you submit data.

Can multiple people in my company access the database?

Your company will be issued one username and password. It is up to your company to decide who has access to the site. Only one user from a company can be logged at a time.

What if the person who initially signed up for he site and submitted data has left the company?

That person’s email is the username. Log into the system with the email of the person who has left. Once you are in, you have the option to change your email and password.

What does it cost to participate and generate reports?

Please click on the Pricing option in our menu for information about pricing.

What about data confidentiality? Can other companies see my data? Can my association see my data?

We take data confidentiality very seriously, as we could not be in business without it! This is the most important priority for FMI Compensation since we are in the business of collecting and processing sensitive information. Compensation Interactive’s reports are designed to assure anonymity and protect against identifying any individual company data. The only group with access to individual company data is FMI Compensation’s survey analysts. They must have access to the individual data to be able to error check the data and ensure appropriate job matching. No association, chapter or competitor will have access to your data.

What type of technology is used for this product?

We use PHP and a MySQL database to process its data. Our server is stored off-site and monitored 24/7 to ensure minimal downtime and optimal data security.

How secure is the data?

Compensation Interactive data is stored, backed up and monitored 24 hours a day to ensure no risk of data loss. Compensation Interactive is also a “secure site” with the “https” designation. FMI Compensation purchases an SSL Certificate that constantly monitors the site for security breaches through a third party.

How does FMI Compensation prevent any anti-trust / collusion legal issues?

Compensation Interactive, like all FMI Compensation products, will not generate a report that has less than five reporting companies. No individual data is available to companies, chapters or associations. Further information on our practices can be reviewed in our Terms and Services agreement.

How is customer service provided?

If you have a question about the interpretation of survey results, please send an email from our contact page and one of our survey analysts will respond shortly. Our normal hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Arizona time.

What type of filters can I use with Compensation Interactive?

Compensation Interactive can generate reports by company size, type of work, geographic area and position. Combinations of these enable you to generate truly “custom” reports. For instance, you can create a report for a Project Manager position in New York City, for a Mechanical Contractor, with $25-$100 million in annual revenue.

What if I am unsure about a job match?

If your employee matches at least 70% of the duties or criteria listed in the job description, report that person.

How are reports calculated?

Unlike other online compensation sites, FMI Compensation only uses actual data from our own surveys and data collected from this web site. We review and approve all data before adding to our database. Compensation Interactive “averages” are means, that is, the equivalent to summing all the values and dividing by the number of records. The 50th percentile is the median value.

What payment methods can I use to purchase a subscription to Compensation Interactive?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards in the secured payment area of the website.

Can I print my reports?

You can view your reports online, print them, create a pdf of the report or download the data to an Excel file.

If I sign up as a user, what is required of my company?

We ask for some general information about your company when you register and pay for Compensation Interactive.  If you use Option 1 your will be required to download and complete an Excel template with salary, bonus and zip code data for all employees that match our job descriptions. After you have uploaded your data, within the next five business days, our survey analysts will perform our quality control checks and contact you with any questions. If we do not have any questions, we will approve your data and you will receive an email notifying you that you can access the reports.

If you use Option 2 you can access reports immediately without the requirement to upload data.

What happens after one year of using the site?

Thirty days prior to your subscription lapsing, we will send you an email reminding you to renew. Simply follow the instructions in the email to keep your subscription active for another year.

What if my company’s data hasn’t changed very much after a year? Do I need to start the whole process over?

You will have access to all the Excel files you upload. You can use your most recent file as a guide to submit new data. Each time you submit new data, we archive your old data and replace it with the new data. Keep in mind that our template may have changed from the last time you uploaded data.